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Migrating From Hardware to the Cloud Means Less Stress

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Migrating From Hardware to the Cloud Means Less Stress

From owning and hosting all of your hardware in our data center to hosting just your website or application in the , the less you manage, the less you have to worry about. We understand the hardware management pain point, so we’ve removed it from the equation. Simply put, as XNet’s management responsibility increases, your stress decreases. Here’s a look at what XNet manages (and what you don’t have to) as you migrate from your own hardware to the XNet Cloud™.

redudant_icon  Redundant Infrastructure

We’ve built redundancy into every component of our core infrastructure to ensure that even in the event of a power failure or global net-wide situation, you’re still connected and online.

  • Battery backup
  • Generator Backup
  • Conditioned power with double-conversion UPS
  • N+1 redundant dual-compressor air conditioners
  • HVAC units backed up with generator power
  • Multi-carrier fiber connectivity
  • Self-healing network
  • Redundant internet connectivity

security_icon  Physical Security

Rest soundly knowing your equipment will be physically secure in our building and in your rack. We implement layers of security features to ensure your systems are physically secure.

  • FBI Hardened building
  • Pre-screened approval of all entry personnel
  • Escorted-only access
  • Video surveillance
  • Locked cabinets

monitoring_icon  Monitoring

XNet actively monitors all its systems for any issues that may occur in the normal operation of a data center. If an issue does occur, our engineers are immediately alerted so they can begin maintenance.

backups_icon  Backups

Point-in-time backups, replicated storage, multiple hosts, and a hot standby server means that we’re built to be highly redundant and reliable with backups that ensure your data is safe.

reporting  Reporting

Every month you’ll receive an easy-to-read, graphical report on each of your cloud servers. Using these reports, you can proactively monitor your cloud service’s performance and easily adjust to upcoming performance needs

securezoned_icon  Secure Zoned Environment

We don’t place your cloud in a shared environment with other customers. Your cloud is in your own secure zone with dedicated resources allocated just for you.

software_icon  Managed OS & Software

The more cloud-based your website or application is, the less you have to deal with and the less stress you’ll have. By utilizing our web delivery cloud hosting, you not only say goodbye to hardware management, but you also remove yourself from software and operating system management. You only have to concern yourself with your application or website. We’ll handle the rest.


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