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Free yourself from hardware with XNet’s high-performance,
ultra-customizable cloud services.

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Custom Apps

The XNet Cloud




The XNet Cloud™ can run custom, legacy or bleeding-edge applications that other hosting environments can’t or won’t allow.



From fast network switches and servers to premier horizontal scale-out architecture and pillared services delivery, performance is in our DNA.



Separated by host base virtualization, you have your own environment with no one else. XNet also provides network security with a customizable firewall for added protection.



Point-in-time backups, replicated storage, multiple hosts, and a hot standby server means that we’re built to be highly redundant and reliable.

Our hardware. Your applications. No headaches.

The More We Do, The Less Stress You Have.

Let’s face it. Hardware can be a pain. It’s not a matter of IF it will fail, but WHEN it will. Migrate to the XNet Cloud™ and never worry about hardware again…EVER. Now that’s a stress-saver.


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Full data center benefits for those who want to store and manage their own hardware.

Cloud Service

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No hardware to manage means less stress. You only manage your OS, software, and applications.

Web Delivery Cloud Hosting

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We manage all hardware and software. You only manage your application.

Cloud Service Options

1 CPU • 4GB Memory • 50GB Disk Space • 500GB Bandwidth
2 CPUs • 8GB Memory • 50GB Disk Space • 500GB Bandwidth
4 CPUs • 16GB Memory • 50GB Disk Space • 500GB Bandwidth
8 CPUs • 32GB Memory • 50GB Disk Space • 500GB Bandwidth
Additional disk space at $12.50 in 50GB increments
Additional memory at $50 in 4GB blocks
Bandwidth over 500GB billed at .25 per GB


  • Custom reports and metrics
  • Enterprise-grade hardware & storage
  • Daily cloud server snapshots backed up for minimum of 7 days
  • Network & security discovery with senior-level engineers prior to purchase
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Senior-level consulting for those requiring custom builds
  • Guaranteed dedicated resources

Merged Infrastructure Solutions

Our core infrastructure is designed to be complimentary with multiple touch points for building cross-services solutions.
  • High-speed, private interconnects between services for ultra-fast, secure data transfers
  • Hybrid services that reduce resource consumption and save you from additional cost and stress
  • Managed and ancillary services through same provider
  • Colocation

    Connect your colocation services and cloud services for private, high-speed transfers between them.

  • Web, App & Mail Hosting

    Maximize your bandwidth by using our specially web-tuned cloud to host your website and applications.

  • Dedicated Connectivity

    Create a high-speed connection from your cloud service to your office and utilize its bandwidth to reduce cost.

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