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Kiva Spotlight: Providing “Hand Ups” to Global Entrepreneurs

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Kiva Spotlight: Providing “Hand Ups” to Global Entrepreneurs
Community Engagement
Being successful, driven entrepreneurs, we believe everyone should have opportunity to follow their dreams and achieve success. So, we support entrepreneurs in the developing world through, an organization that provides interest-free micro payment loans for people to start or expand their own enterprises. Participating in Kiva means we don’t  provide handouts, but actually hand ups.

Our passion for facilitating entrepreneurship means that while the average Kiva user makes about 10 loans throughout their account’s life, XNet has made more than 6 times that many. Here is just one loan of those loans that significantly impacted a local community.

Meet the San Expedito group of Boliva, a 12-member group of men and women who work in a variety of fields, from food and cosmetics to spare parts and handicrafts. In 2009, they sought a group loan from Kiva to invest in member business opportunities and increase the overall quality of life for their members.

XNet was one of 62 leaders that stepped up to make this group loan possible. Here’s what the loan accomplished:

  • Martha transformed her one bedroom, wood fire house to a full-fledged home with a stove, refrigerator, television, enough food, and a bed for every family member
  • Leonarda and her husband were able to found their hugely successful and innovative solar-powered oven business with which they have been able to comfortably sustain their family
  • Carmen’s increased business allowed her to provide more for her children and their future

XNet is currently “managing” a Kiva portfolio (we suppose this makes us venture capitalists!) Read about the other individuals and groups we’ve supported, and get involved yourself!

Kiva is just one of the many ways XNet seeks to create meaningful relationships within its local community and in communities around the world. To see what other community projects we’ve done, head to our community page.

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