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5 Questions to Consider Before Hosting Your Own Email Server

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5 Questions to Consider Before Hosting Your Own Email Server
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Many businesses don’t think about the operation of their email systems until their mail goes offline. Don’t make that mistake. XNet understands that email needs to work all the time and that stress due to hardware failure doesn’t have to affect your business.

While hosting mail services on your own, in-house hardware may be ideal for some, many companies neither have nor want to acquire the highly technical expertise and costly hardware necessary to host their own mail in-house. If you’re unsure if this is you, or if you even need to change your current mail setup, start by asking yourself these questions:

  1. If there’s a power or network outage at my office, will our company’s email go offline?
  2. If my server breaks, do I have the experienced IT support necessary to both fix it in a timely manner and prevent it from happening again?
  3. If I or my employees accidently delete a critical email, can we recover it?
  4. Do we have email backups and redundancies in place to prevent data loss?
  5. Is my mail server stored in an appropriate environment with redundant infrastructure to prevent downtime?

If you’ve had your email system go down for any number of reasons or simply don’t know the answers to these questions, it’s time to give XNet a call.

By migrating to or supplementing your current mail system with XNet’s Sync! Mail, you’ll know that hardware outages will never bring your business to its knees. With senior-level technical support and high-performance redundant infrastructure, your mail will always reach its destination.

In addition to our experience and hardware, Sync! Mail™ hosting provides you with:

  • Email filtering to minimize spam and filter virus threats
  • Administration panel to fully customize mail domain and users
  • Global rules, sorting, and permissions for users
  • No outages due to email spike and high loads
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring by XNet engineers
  • Email queuing on Sync! Mail servers to ensure you never lose messages for any reason
  • Domain forwarding and user-level group aliasing
  • Security from email address harvesting
  • Forwarding and user-level group aliasing
  • Service guarantee of 99.99% uptime through Service Level Agreement
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